1) A 23 Page Activity Book which can be used at home or school to track all your fitness goals. We at ComPEte PE realise the impact that Lockdown has had on the amount of sport and PE we can take part in. This Book means you can follow all the activities you do and help you improve your own personal goals.

2) 15 Training Methods Cards incluing differetn types of training and the FITT Principle, can be used individually for peer review / coaching or as a theory class activity.

3) 2 Fitness Dice that can be used by students to stick together and create circuit training and fitness activities.

4) FULL Fitness Toolkit - This is a FULL Online 131 page toolkit full of activities, differentiated lesson plans and Task Cards. The resources can either be printed in PDF format or used as an interactive resource.These resources can be used to inspire and engage children in KS1 - KS4, focusing on making Fitness Lessons FUN and STIMULATING.

Fitness Bundle