Did you know that every primary school  in the UK receives £16,000 plus £10 per pupil in Year 1 through to 6 to support their PE and School sport?


Welcome to ComPEte. Resources that are here to support non-specialist teachers, curriculum planners, and subject specialists alike.

Written in 2020 showing an understanding of the new constraints that so many educationalists are finding impossible, stressful and time consuming ComPEte aims to lift the burden and give you a ready-made solution to long, midterm and day to day planning. 

Each scheme of work allows the teacher to set work on line as well as the face to face teaching that is so important. Each scheme includes lesson plans, resourcing, activity books clear assessment criteria and tracking sheets enabling both the teacher and student to track and understand their progress. 

Designed to be used across the key stages ComPEte will encourage your students to grow in physical confidence, improve their fitness, target specific physical skills, protect student’s mental health and above all develop life skills that will help them achieve in the classroom and beyond. 

A school with 420 pupils would receive £20,100 for the academic year for their pupils benefit in PE Sports Premium Funding and there has never been a more important time for this to be utilised FULLY by each school. 

During the period of Lockdown many children had less exercise and led a sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately play, organised and informal sports were restricted. The well-respected Schools Sports Trust research published on September the 24th 2020 reported over a fifth of schools across the UK were delivering less extracurricular sport in the autumn term and four in ten schools were delivering none. 73% of teachers reported Children returning with low levels of physical fitness and 49% noticed an increase in student’s mental wellbeing issues including anxiety and fear. 52% of teachers have noticed gaps in skill levels and physical development.

All these statistics alongside the concerns of child obesity show the clear importance of the physical curriculum, benefiting all students physical and mental health. 


The Compete schemes are written by teachers for teachers! All the contributors have worked within a professional sports club, or governing body. Competes contributors are still in schools, training teachers, working as Senior leaders, developing and writing curriculum plans and contributing to School Development plans. They have used this experience to compile inclusive schemes of work that range from the ‘not sure’ to the talented student.

Please navigate the website to see the sample schemes of work which will be immediately downloaded to your account on receipt of payment.

We all know as teachers your time is invaluable, use it wisely, spend time teaching, engaging with the students, tracking and feeding back their progress. Leave the planning and resourcing to us!

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